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We can produce oversized foam and bubble pouches large enough to package conference tables, kayaks, automobile bumpers, large screen TV's, etc…Give us a call or e-mail us today to discuss your foam and bubble pouch project @ 1-304-486-5651 custserv@zimsbagging.com.

Foam and Bubble Packaging


Foam Packaging

Foam sheets and pouches are manufactured from stock PE foam 1/32” - 1/2’” and stock Microfoam 1/32” - 1/2” and we offer some of the shortest foam pouch lead times in the industry.



Custom Options

Pouches can be pre-counted, pre-opened, staple packed, mounted on cardboard headers or hotpinned. We can add die cuts, multiple slits, and vent holes. Various tapes and adhesives can also be applied.


  • PE Foam Sheets
  • PE Foam Pouches
  • Microfoam Sheets
  • Microfoam Pouches
  • Film-Foam Pouches
  • Bubble Sheets
  • Bubble Pouches
  • Laminated Pouches


Allow us to help you reduce your PRINTED PROTECTIVE FOAM PACKAGING costs with our ability to print directly on the product. No additional, laminated film layer needed.  Print can be customized for your particular application.


Foam Packaging PDF

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