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Zim’s is a manufacturer of plastic film bags, foam sheets and pouches. We create CUSTOM MADE, VALUE-ADDED packaging solutions for THESE INDUSTRIES:


* E-COMMERCE - we manufacture mailers for one of the largest online retailer in the U.S..


* INDUSTRIAL - customers, past and present, include many Fortune 500 companies.


* RETAIL - customers include one the largest bed pillow and mattress pad manufacturer in the U.S..


* FULFILLMENT - bags can be bar coded, unitized, pre-counted, pre-sorted, wicketed, header sealed, folded, hole punched, flip locked, gusseted, and various adhesives can be applied.


 EXPERIENCE MATTERS and we have 54 years of it in the flexible films packaging industry.


Give us an opportunity to show you how our customer centered approach sets us apart from the rest!

Featured Products



Need extra protection for the TRANSFER OF YOUR LARGE PARTS OR PRODUCTS between multiple facilities or to your customer? We manufacture CUSTOM OVERSIZED NON-WOVEN / FOAM BAGS & POUCHES tailored to protect your product from nicks, scratches & smudges and we can tailor them to your specific needs.


SELL YOUR PRODUCTS ONLINE? We can help you find an economical solution to your fulfillment and shipping needs. We produce flexible film MAILER BAGS for the E-COMMERCE industry and can pack them on wickets or header cards for ease of loading your products into them. We can also custom size your MAILER BAGS to reduce package weight and your shipping costs.


Our Mission


Zim’s Bagging Company strives to provide our customers with durable, functional and attractive packaging that actively inspires sales and improves their bottom line.  We are a closely held, privately owned company with a history of focusing on controlled growth, a conservative capital investment strategy and a hands on executive management style.  This way of doing business has consistently provided our owner’s a relatively low risk investment opportunity with steady returns.


We value our human resources and we appreciate their dedication to our mission and willingness to strive for continuous improvement. We place a high value on employee loyalty and teamwork and reward all tenured employees together for their collaboration and dedication.  When Zim’s profits, our employee’s profit.


It is our firm belief, from the top down, that it is the Company’s appreciation of and confidence in people that makes Zim’s successful, be it with our investors, customers or employees.

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